Class ResidualsTriangulateMetricSimple

All Implemented Interfaces:
FunctionInOut, FunctionNtoM

public class ResidualsTriangulateMetricSimple extends Object implements FunctionNtoM
Basic error function for triangulation which only computes the residual between predicted and actual observed point location. Does not take in account the epipolar constraints.
  • Constructor Details

    • ResidualsTriangulateMetricSimple

      public ResidualsTriangulateMetricSimple()
  • Method Details

    • setObservations

      public void setObservations(List<Point2D_F64> observations, List<Se3_F64> motionGtoC)
      Configures inputs.
      observations - Observations of the feature at different locations. Normalized image coordinates.
      motionGtoC - Camera motion from global to camera frame..
    • getNumOfInputsN

      public int getNumOfInputsN()
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      getNumOfInputsN in interface FunctionInOut
    • getNumOfOutputsM

      public int getNumOfOutputsM()
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      getNumOfOutputsM in interface FunctionInOut
    • process

      public void process(double[] input, double[] output)
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      process in interface FunctionNtoM