Interface InterpolatePixelS<T extends ImageGray<T>>

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AbstractInterpolatePixelS, BilinearPixelS, ImplBilinearPixel_F32, ImplBilinearPixel_F64, ImplBilinearPixel_S16, ImplBilinearPixel_S32, ImplBilinearPixel_U16, ImplBilinearPixel_U8, ImplInterpolatePixelConvolution_F32, ImplInterpolatePixelConvolution_S16, ImplInterpolatePixelConvolution_U8, ImplPolynomialPixel_F32, ImplPolynomialPixel_I, InterpolatePixelDistortS, NearestNeighborPixel_F32, NearestNeighborPixel_S16, NearestNeighborPixel_S32, NearestNeighborPixel_U16, NearestNeighborPixel_U8, NearestNeighborPixelS, PolynomialPixel

public interface InterpolatePixelS<T extends ImageGray<T>> extends InterpolatePixel<T>
Interface for interpolation between pixels on a per-pixel basis for a single band image.
  • Method Details

    • get

      float get(float x, float y)
      Returns the interpolated pixel value at the specified location while checking to see if border conditions apply. If the requested pixel is outside the image border it will attempt to process it using or throw a null pointer exception of a border handler has not been specified.
      x - Point's x-coordinate. x ≥ 0 && x < image.width or all values if border specified
      y - Point's y-coordinate. y ≥ 0 && y < image.height or all values if border specified
      Interpolated intensity value or NaN if it can't be interpolated.
    • get_fast

      float get_fast(float x, float y)
      Returns the interpolated pixel value at the specified location while assuming it is inside the image far away from the border. For any input point InterpolatePixel.isInFastBounds(float, float) should return true.
      x - Point's x-coordinate.
      y - Point's y-coordinate.
      Interpolated intensity value.
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      Creates a new instance of this interpolation method
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      copy in interface InterpolatePixel<T extends ImageGray<T>>