Class DepthImageToMeshGridSample


public class DepthImageToMeshGridSample extends Object
Samples disparity image in a regular grid pattern. If it finds 4 corners that are valid it creates 2 triangles from them. Can't get much simpler than this.
  • Field Details

    • samplePeriod

      public ConfigLength samplePeriod
      Number of pixels in the regular grid that it samples. Relative to (w+h)/2
  • Constructor Details

    • DepthImageToMeshGridSample

      public DepthImageToMeshGridSample()
  • Method Details

    • processDisparity

      public void processDisparity(DisparityParameters parameters, GrayF32 disparity, float maxDisparityJump)
      Processes the disparity image and returns all the found 3D meshes
      parameters - Stereo parameters
      disparity - disparity image
    • processInvDepth

      public void processInvDepth(GrayF32 inverseDepth, PixelTransform<Point2D_F64> pixelToNorm, float maxInverseJump)
      Processes the inverse depth image and returns all the found 3D meshes
      inverseDepth - Stereo parameters