Class CreateCloudFromDisparityImages


public class CreateCloudFromDisparityImages
extends Object
Creates a point cloud from multiple disparity images. An effort is made to avoid adding the same point twice to the cloud. Initially the cloud is kept in separate lists to make it easy to see which view contributed what points to the cloud.
  • Field Details

    • disparitySimilarTol

      public double disparitySimilarTol
      If the cloud point projects to a pixel with a disparity within this tolerance the pixel will not be added. Units are in disparity pixels.
  • Constructor Details

    • CreateCloudFromDisparityImages

      public CreateCloudFromDisparityImages()
  • Method Details

    • reset

      public void reset()
      Clears previously added views and points.
    • addCloud

      public int addCloud​(List<Point3D_F64> cloud)
      Adds a point cloud. This can be used to add prior data.
      cloud - (Input) A point cloud. This is copied.
      The index of the view that can be used to retrieve the specified points added
    • addDisparity

      public int addDisparity​(GrayF32 disparity, GrayU8 mask, Se3_F64 world_to_view, DisparityParameters parameters, Point2Transform2_F64 rectNorm_to_dispPixel, PixelTransform<Point2D_F64> dispPixel_to_rectNorm)
      Add points from the disparity image which have not been masked out. NOTE: The reason point and pixel transforms are used is that combined disparity images might include lens distortion.
      disparity - (Input) Disparity image
      mask - (Input,Output) Mask that specifies which points in the disparity image are valid. When an existing point in the cloud hits this image the mask is updated.
      world_to_view - (Input) Transform from world to view reference frame
      parameters - (Input) Describes how to interpret the disparity values
      rectNorm_to_dispPixel - (Input) Transform from rectified normalized image coordinates into disparity pixels
      dispPixel_to_rectNorm - (Input) Transform from disparity pixels into rectified normalized image coordinates.
      The index of the view that can be used to retrieve the specified points added