Class ImageMotionPointTrackerKey<I extends ImageBase<I>,IT extends InvertibleTransform<IT>>

Type Parameters:
I - Input image type
IT - Motion model data type

public class ImageMotionPointTrackerKey<I extends ImageBase<I>,IT extends InvertibleTransform<IT>> extends Object
Computes the transform from the first image in a sequence to the current frame. Keyframe based algorithm. Whenever a new keyframe is selected by the user all tracks are dropped and new ones spawned. No logic is contained for selecting key frames and relies on the user for selecting them.
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  • Constructor Details

    • ImageMotionPointTrackerKey

      public ImageMotionPointTrackerKey(PointTracker<I> tracker, ModelMatcher<IT,AssociatedPair> modelMatcher, @Nullable @Nullable ModelFitter<IT,AssociatedPair> modelRefiner, IT model, int thresholdOutlierPrune)
      Specify algorithms to use internally. Each of these classes must work with compatible data structures.
      tracker - feature tracker
      modelMatcher - Fits model to track data
      modelRefiner - (Optional) Refines the found model using the entire inlier set. Can be null.
      model - Motion model data structure
      thresholdOutlierPrune - If a track is an outlier for this many frames in a row they are pruned
    • ImageMotionPointTrackerKey

      protected ImageMotionPointTrackerKey()
  • Method Details

    • reset

      public void reset()
      Makes the current frame the first frame and discards its past history
    • process

      public boolean process(I frame)
      Processes the next frame in the sequence.
      frame - Next frame in the video sequence
      true if motion was estimated and false if no motion was estimated
    • changeKeyFrame

      public void changeKeyFrame()
      Change the current frame into the keyframe. p1 location of existing tracks is set to their current location and new tracks are spawned. Reference frame transformations are also updated
    • resetTransforms

      public void resetTransforms()
    • getWorldToCurr

      public IT getWorldToCurr()
    • getWorldToKey

      public IT getWorldToKey()
    • getKeyToCurr

      public IT getKeyToCurr()
    • getTracker

      public PointTracker<I> getTracker()
    • getModelMatcher

      public ModelMatcher<IT,AssociatedPair> getModelMatcher()
    • isKeyFrame

      public boolean isKeyFrame()
    • getModelType

      public Class<IT> getModelType()
    • getFrameID

      public long getFrameID()