Class EdgeIntensityEllipse<T extends ImageGray<T>>


public class EdgeIntensityEllipse<T extends ImageGray<T>> extends BaseIntegralEdge<T>

Computes the edge intensity along the an ellipse.

Edge Intensity Definition:
The average difference in pixel values. Maximum value is (max pixel val - min pixel val).
  • Field Details

    • averageInside

      public double averageInside
    • averageOutside

      public double averageOutside
  • Constructor Details

    • EdgeIntensityEllipse

      public EdgeIntensityEllipse(double tangentDistance, int numContourPoints, double passThreshold, Class<T> imageType)
      Configures edge intensity calculation
      tangentDistance - Distance along tangent it will integrate
      numContourPoints - Number of points along the contour it will sample. If ≤ 0 the test will always pass
      passThreshold - Threshold for passing. Value: 0 to (max - min) pixel value.
      imageType - Type of input image
  • Method Details

    • process

      public boolean process(EllipseRotated_F64 ellipse)
      Processes the edge along the ellipse and determines if the edge intensity is strong enough to pass or not
      ellipse - The ellipse in undistorted image coordinates.
      true if it passes or false if not
    • getEdgeIntensity

      public double getEdgeIntensity()