Class ConfigSimilarImagesSceneRecognition

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigSimilarImagesSceneRecognition extends Object implements Configuration
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  • Field Details

    • limitMatchesConsider

      public int limitMatchesConsider
      Number of images which will be considered as matches when using the recognizer
    • minimumSimilar

      public final ConfigLength minimumSimilar
      Specifies how many features need to be matched for an image to be considered similar. Absolute is the number of matches. Fraction is relative to the number of images in each image.
    • features

      public final ConfigDetectDescribe features
      Image feature detector
    • recognizeNister2006

      public final ConfigRecognitionNister2006 recognizeNister2006
    • associate

      public final ConfigAssociate associate
      Feature association
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigSimilarImagesSceneRecognition

      public ConfigSimilarImagesSceneRecognition()
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