Class LookUpCameraInfo


public class LookUpCameraInfo
extends Object
Used to retrieve information about a view's camera. Can be used to figure out if the same camera captured all the views
  • Field Details

    • idToView

      public final<String> idToView
      Look up from view id to view index
    • viewToCamera

      public final DogArray_I32 viewToCamera
      Lookup table from view to camera that captured the view
    • listCalibration

      public final DogArray<CameraPinholeBrown> listCalibration
      List of calibration information for each camera
    • knownCameras

      public final DogArray_B knownCameras
      If true then a camera is known and should not be estimated
  • Constructor Details

    • LookUpCameraInfo

      public LookUpCameraInfo()
  • Method Details

    • totalViews

      public int totalViews()
      Total number of views
    • totalCameras

      public int totalCameras()
      Total number of unique cameras
    • viewToCamera

      public int viewToCamera​(String viewID)
      Which camera took the image at this view
    • lookupCalibration

      public void lookupCalibration​(int cameraIdx, CameraPinholeBrown calibration)
      Returns the camera's calibration. This could be a crude estimate
      cameraIdx - (Input) which camera
      calibration - (Output) Storage for the retrieved calibration data
    • lookupCalibration

      public void lookupCalibration​(String viewID, CameraPinholeBrown calibration)
    • isCameraKnown

      public boolean isCameraKnown​(int cameraIdx)
      Returns true if the camera's calibration is known and can be assumed ot be fixed
    • lookupViewShape

      public void lookupViewShape​(String viewID, ImageDimension shape)
    • addCameraCanonical

      public void addCameraCanonical​(int width, int height, double hfov)
      Adds a default camera with no lens distortion with the specified field of view
      width - (Input) Image width
      height - (Input) Image height
      hfov - (Input) Horizontal field-of-view in degrees
    • addView

      public void addView​(String viewID, int cameraIdx)
      Adds a new view and maps it to a camera