Class EstimateViewSelfCalibrate

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public class EstimateViewSelfCalibrate extends Object implements VerbosePrint
Target camera is unknown. Perform self calibration to estimate it from three views
  • Field Details

    • fractionBadFeaturesRecover

      public double fractionBadFeaturesRecover
      If less than this number of features fail the physical constraint test, attempt to recover by removing them
    • projectiveHomography

      protected TwoViewToCalibratingHomography projectiveHomography
    • estimateUtils

      public final EstimateViewUtils estimateUtils
  • Constructor Details

    • EstimateViewSelfCalibrate

      public EstimateViewSelfCalibrate()
  • Method Details

    • process

      public boolean process(PairwiseGraphUtils pairwiseUtils, SceneWorkingGraph workGraph, MetricExpandByOneView.Solution solution)
      Estimates the pose and intrinsics of a new view.
      pairwiseUtils - (Input) Pairwise information and specifies which view is to be estimated
      workGraph - (Input) Information on the metric scene
      solution - (Output) Parameters for the new view and its inlier set
      true if successful and solution was found
    • setVerbose

      public void setVerbose(@Nullable @Nullable PrintStream out, @Nullable @Nullable Set<String> configuration)
      Specified by:
      setVerbose in interface VerbosePrint