Class PyramidKltFeature


public class PyramidKltFeature extends Object
Feature which is tracked by the PyramidKltTracker. Each layer has its own feature description.
  • Field Details

    • desc

      public KltFeature[] desc
      KLT feature description for each layer in the pyramid
    • x

      public float x
      the feature's location in the original image
    • y

      public float y
      the feature's location in the original image
  • Constructor Details

    • PyramidKltFeature

      public PyramidKltFeature(int numLayers, int radius)
      Configures the feature's description
      numLayers - Number of layers inside the image pyramid
      radius - Radius of the feature description in each layer
  • Method Details

    • checkUpdateLayers

      public void checkUpdateLayers(int numLayers)
    • setPosition

      public void setPosition(float x, float y)
    • setCookie

      public void setCookie(Object cookie)
    • getCookie

      public <T> T getCookie()