Class FactoryGImageGray.GSingle_U8

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public static class FactoryGImageGray.GSingle_U8 extends FactoryGImageGray.GSingleBaseInt<GrayU8>
  • Constructor Details

    • GSingle_U8

      public GSingle_U8(GrayU8 image)
  • Method Details

    • get

      public Number get(int x, int y)
    • set

      public void set(int x, int y, Number num)
      Description copied from interface: GImageGray
      Set's pixel value using number. If native type of 'num' and image are the same then there is no loss in precision.
      x - pixel coordinate x-value
      y - pixel coordinate y-value
      num - Value of the pixel
    • unsafe_getD

      public double unsafe_getD(int x, int y)
      Description copied from interface: GImageGray
      get which returns a double, has no bounds checking. Still slow, but faster than the super generic get. Also doesn't create memory on each get
    • unsafe_getF

      public float unsafe_getF(int x, int y)
    • set

      public void set(int index, float value)
      Description copied from interface: GImageGray
      Sets pixel based on pixel value in data array
    • getF

      public float getF(int index)
    • getImageType

      public Class getImageType()