Interface GImageGray

All Known Implementing Classes:
FactoryGImageGray.Border_F32, FactoryGImageGray.Border_F64, FactoryGImageGray.Border_S32, FactoryGImageGray.GSingle_F32, FactoryGImageGray.GSingle_F64, FactoryGImageGray.GSingle_I64, FactoryGImageGray.GSingle_S16, FactoryGImageGray.GSingle_S32, FactoryGImageGray.GSingle_S8, FactoryGImageGray.GSingle_U16, FactoryGImageGray.GSingle_U8, FactoryGImageGray.GSingleBase, FactoryGImageGray.GSingleBaseInt, FactoryGImageGray.GSingleBorder, GImageGrayDistorted

public interface GImageGray
Generalized interface for single banded images. Setters and getters which use Number will be much slower than direct access, about 12x. Setts and getters which use index have a negligible difference to about 25% performance hit depending if the data types need to be converted or not.
  • Method Details

    • wrap

      void wrap(ImageGray image)
    • getWidth

      int getWidth()
    • getHeight

      int getHeight()
    • isFloatingPoint

      boolean isFloatingPoint()
    • get

      Number get(int x, int y)
    • set

      void set(int x, int y, Number num)
      Set's pixel value using number. If native type of 'num' and image are the same then there is no loss in precision.
      x - pixel coordinate x-value
      y - pixel coordinate y-value
      num - Value of the pixel
    • unsafe_getD

      double unsafe_getD(int x, int y)
      get which returns a double, has no bounds checking. Still slow, but faster than the super generic get. Also doesn't create memory on each get
    • unsafe_getF

      float unsafe_getF(int x, int y)
    • set

      void set(int index, float value)
      Sets pixel based on pixel value in data array
    • getF

      float getF(int index)
    • getImage

      ImageGray getImage()
    • getImageType

      Class getImageType()