Class ConfigBackgroundGaussian

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigBackgroundGaussian extends BaseConfigBackground
Configuration for ConfigBackgroundGaussian.
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  • Field Details

    • learnRate

      public float learnRate
      Specifies how fast it will adapt to changes in the background. From 0 to 1, inclusive. 0 = static 1.0 = instant.
    • threshold

      public float threshold
      Threshold for classifying a pixel as background or not. This threshold is applied to the computed Mahalanobis from the distribution. An appropriate threshold will vary depending on the number of bands in the image. Start tuning at 12.
    • initialVariance

      public float initialVariance
      The initial variance assigned to a new pixel. Larger values to reduce false positives due to under sampling. Don't set to zero since that can cause divided by zero errors.
    • minimumDifference

      public float minimumDifference
      Minimum Euclidean distance between the mean background and observed pixel value for it to be considered moving. This value is automatically scaled for the number of bands in the image.
    • interpolation

      public InterpolationType interpolation
      Specifies which interpolation it will use. InterpolationType.BILINEAR or InterpolationType.NEAREST_NEIGHBOR recommended.


  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigBackgroundGaussian

      public ConfigBackgroundGaussian(float threshold)
    • ConfigBackgroundGaussian

      public ConfigBackgroundGaussian(float threshold, float learnRate)
    • ConfigBackgroundGaussian

      public ConfigBackgroundGaussian()
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