Class ConfigDenseHoG

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigDenseHoG extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for FactoryDescribeImageDense
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  • Field Details

    • orientationBins

      public int orientationBins
      Number of orientation bins.
    • pixelsPerCell

      public int pixelsPerCell
      Number of pixels in a cell.
    • cellsPerBlockX

      public int cellsPerBlockX
      Number of cells wide a block is along x-axis
    • cellsPerBlockY

      public int cellsPerBlockY
      Number of cells wide a block is along x-axis
    • stepBlock

      public int stepBlock
      Number of cells that are skipped between two blocks.
    • fastVariant

      public boolean fastVariant
      If set to true a faster variant of HOG will be used which doesn't apply spatial normalization. Set to false to replicate the version of HOG proposed in the original paper.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigDenseHoG

      public ConfigDenseHoG()
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