Class ConfigHoughBinary

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigHoughBinary extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for HoughTransformBinary
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  • Field Details

    • binarization

      public ConfigHoughBinary.Binarization binarization
      Approach used to compute a binary image
    • thresholdImage

      public ConfigThreshold thresholdImage
      How the image is thresholded if ConfigHoughBinary.Binarization.IMAGE is selected
    • thresholdEdge

      public ConfigEdgeThreshold thresholdEdge
      How the gradient is thresholded if ConfigHoughBinary.Binarization.EDGE is selected
    • localMaxRadius

      public int localMaxRadius
      Radius for local maximum suppression. Try 2.
    • minCounts

      public ConfigLength minCounts
      Minimum number of counts for detected line. This value is critical to speed. If absolute it will be the number of counts in a cell. If relative it will be relative to the total area of the transform image.
    • maxLines

      public int maxLines
      Maximum number of lines to return. If ≤ 0 it will return all
    • mergeAngle

      public double mergeAngle
      If two lines have a slope within this tolerance (radians) then they can be merged.
    • mergeDistance

      public double mergeDistance
      If two lines are within this distance of each other then they can be merged. units = pixels.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigHoughBinary

      public ConfigHoughBinary()
    • ConfigHoughBinary

      public ConfigHoughBinary(int maxLines)
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