Class ConfigMeanShiftSearch

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigMeanShiftSearch extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for performing a mean-shift search for a local peak
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  • Field Details

    • maxIterations

      public int maxIterations
      Maximum number of mean shift iterations it will perform
    • convergenceTol

      public double convergenceTol
      When motion along both axises is less than this hold the search
    • odd

      public boolean odd
      If the region will have an "odd" region. Odd regions have a width that is an odd number, i.e. 2*radius+1 and start sampling at -radius. Even regions have an even width (2*radius) and start sampling at -(radius-0.5). Odd is used if there's a single sharp peak, even is used if the peak is two pixels.
    • positiveOnly

      public boolean positiveOnly
      If mean-shift will only consider positive values in the intensity function
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigMeanShiftSearch

      public ConfigMeanShiftSearch(int maxIterations, double convergenceTol)
    • ConfigMeanShiftSearch

      public ConfigMeanShiftSearch()
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