Class ConfigUchiyaMarker

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigUchiyaMarker extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for Uchiya Marker approach to detect random dot markers
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  • Field Details

    • markerWidth

      public double markerWidth
      Specifies the marker's width. This must match width used to generate the random dots.
    • markerHeight

      public double markerHeight
      Specifies the marker's height. This must match width used to generate the random dots.
    • threshold

      public ConfigThreshold threshold
      Specifies how images are thresholded and converted into a binary format
    • llah

      public ConfigLlah llah
      Defines the feature descriptor
    • ransac

      public ConfigRansac ransac
      Configures RANSAC used to fit the homography. You might need to tune this.
    • contourRule

      public ConnectRule contourRule
      Pixel connectivity rule for blob/contour finder.
    • contourMinimumLength

      public ConfigLength contourMinimumLength
      Minimum number of pixels in the contour to consider
    • contourMaximumLength

      public ConfigLength contourMaximumLength
      Maximum number of pixels in the contour to consider. Used to filter out weird excessively large shapes
    • maxDistanceFromEllipse

      public double maxDistanceFromEllipse
      Detector: maximum distance from the ellipse in pixels
    • minimumMinorAxis

      public final ConfigLength minimumMinorAxis
      Minimum number of pixels in the minor axis. Relative to (w+h)/2
    • maxMajorToMinorRatio

      public double maxMajorToMinorRatio
      The maximum ratio between the major to minor ratio
    • checkEdge

      public ConfigEllipseEdgeCheck checkEdge
      Parameters for checking the intensity of the contour along an ellipse. When using adaptive thresholding there can be a lot of false positives
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigUchiyaMarker

      public ConfigUchiyaMarker()
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