Class ConfigThresholdLocalOtsu

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigThresholdLocalOtsu
extends ConfigThreshold
Configuration for all threshold types.
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Serialized Form
  • Field Details

    • tuning

      public double tuning
      Tuning parameter that will make it harder for pixels to be marked in low texture regions. 0 = regular Otsu. Try 15 when tuning.
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    • useOtsu2

      public boolean useOtsu2
      If true it will use Otsu 2. Produce much better results in binary or nearly binary images.
      See Also:
      GThresholdImageOps.computeOtsu2(int[], int, int)
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigThresholdLocalOtsu

      public ConfigThresholdLocalOtsu​(int regionWidth, double tuning)
    • ConfigThresholdLocalOtsu

      public ConfigThresholdLocalOtsu​(ConfigLength regionWidth, double tuning)
    • ConfigThresholdLocalOtsu

      public ConfigThresholdLocalOtsu()
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