Class FactorySteerable


public class FactorySteerable extends Object

Creates different steerable kernels. Steerable kernels are kernels which can be computed at an arbitrary angle easily and efficiently using a set of bases.

  • Constructor Details

    • FactorySteerable

      public FactorySteerable()
  • Method Details

    • gaussian

      public static <K extends Kernel2D> SteerableKernel<K> gaussian(Class<K> kernelType, int orderX, int orderY, double sigma, int radius)
      Steerable filter for 2D Gaussian derivatives. The basis is composed of a set of rotated kernels.
      kernelType - Specifies which type of 2D kernel should be generated.
      orderX - Order of the derivative in the x-axis.
      orderY - Order of the derivative in the y-axis.
      radius - Radius of the kernel. @return Steerable kernel generator for the specified gaussian derivative.