Class ConfigHornSchunckPyramid

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigHornSchunckPyramid extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for HornSchunckPyramid
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  • Field Details

    • alpha

      public float alpha
      Weights importance of image brightness error and velocity smoothness. Larger values which prefer a smooth flow.

      public float SOR_RELAXATION
      SOR relaxation parameter.
    • numWarps

      public int numWarps
      Number of warps which it will apply.
    • maxInnerIterations

      public int maxInnerIterations
      Maximum number of iterations in the inner loop.
    • convergeTolerance

      public float convergeTolerance
      Convergence tolerance for inner loop. Specified in per pixel error.
    • pyrScale

      public double pyrScale
      Change in scale between each layer. Try 0.7
    • pyrSigma

      public double pyrSigma
      Amount of blur applied to each layer in the pyramid. If sigma ≤ 0 then no blur is applied.
    • pyrMaxLayers

      public int pyrMaxLayers
      Maximum number of layers in the pyramid
    • interpolation

      public InterpolationType interpolation
      Type of interpolation used. Bilinear recommended
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigHornSchunckPyramid

      public ConfigHornSchunckPyramid()
    • ConfigHornSchunckPyramid

      public ConfigHornSchunckPyramid(float alpha, int maxInnerIterations)
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