Class ConfigOpticalFlowBlockPyramid

  • public class ConfigOpticalFlowBlockPyramid
    extends java.lang.Object
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    • Field Detail

      • searchRadius

        public int searchRadius
        Radius of the search area
      • regionRadius

        public int regionRadius
        Radius of the square region
      • maxPerPixelError

        public int maxPerPixelError
        Maximum error allowed per pixel. Default is 30
      • pyramidScale

        public double pyramidScale
        Difference in scale between layers in the pyramid. A value of 1 means a single layer.
      • maxPyramidLayers

        public int maxPyramidLayers
        The maximum number of layers in the pyramid
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfigOpticalFlowBlockPyramid

        public ConfigOpticalFlowBlockPyramid​(int searchRadius,
                                             int regionRadius,
                                             int maxPerPixelError,
                                             double pyramidScale,
                                             int maxPyramidLayers)
      • ConfigOpticalFlowBlockPyramid

        public ConfigOpticalFlowBlockPyramid()