Class ConfigSegmentMeanShift

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigSegmentMeanShift extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for SegmentMeanShift
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  • Field Details

    • spacialRadius

      public int spacialRadius
      Radius of mean-shift region in pixels. Try 6
    • colorRadius

      public float colorRadius
      Radius of mean-shift region for color in Euclidean distance. For 8bit RGB color space try 15
    • minimumRegionSize

      public int minimumRegionSize
      Minimum allowed size of a region in pixels. Try 30
    • fast

      public boolean fast
      Improve runtime by approximating running mean-shift on each pixel. Try true.
    • connectRule

      public ConnectRule connectRule
      Connection rule when segmenting disconnected regions. Try FOUR
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigSegmentMeanShift

      public ConfigSegmentMeanShift()
    • ConfigSegmentMeanShift

      public ConfigSegmentMeanShift(int spacialRadius, float colorRadius, int minimumRegionSize, boolean fast)
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