Class ConfigEllipseDetector

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigEllipseDetector extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for BinaryEllipseDetector for use in FactoryShapeDetector
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  • Field Details

    • maxDistanceFromEllipse

      public double maxDistanceFromEllipse
      Detector: maximum distance from the ellipse in pixels
    • minimumContour

      public ConfigLength minimumContour
      Detector: minimum number of pixels in the contour.
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    • maximumContour

      public ConfigLength maximumContour
      Detector: maximum number of pixels in the contour.
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    • contourRule

      public ConnectRule contourRule
      Pixel connectivity rule for blob/contour finder.
    • minimumMinorAxis

      public final ConfigLength minimumMinorAxis
      Minimum number of pixels in the minor axis. Relative to (w+h)/2
    • processInternal

      public boolean processInternal
      Detector: If true it will consider internal contours and not just external
    • maxIterations

      public int maxIterations
      Refinement: maximum number of refinement iterations. Set to zero to disable
    • convergenceTol

      public double convergenceTol
      Refinement: when the difference between two ellipses is less than this amount stop iterating
    • numSampleContour

      public int numSampleContour
      Refinement: how many points along the contour it will sample. Set to ≤ 0 to disable refinement
    • refineRadialSamples

      public int refineRadialSamples
      Determines the number of points sampled radially outwards from the line Total intensity values sampled at each point along the line is radius*2+2, and points added to line fitting is radius*2+1.
    • minimumEdgeIntensity

      public double minimumEdgeIntensity
      Threshold for minimum edge intensity. This should be a value which is 0 to (max-min pixel value) Set to ≤ 0 to disable check.
    • checkRadialDistance

      public double checkRadialDistance
      Tangential distance away from contour the image is sampled when performing edge intensity check.
    • maxMajorToMinorRatio

      public double maxMajorToMinorRatio
      The maximum ratio between the major to minor ratio
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigEllipseDetector

      public ConfigEllipseDetector()
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