Class ConfigPolygonDetector

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigPolygonDetector extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for DetectPolygonFromContour for use in FactoryShapeDetector.
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  • Field Details

    • detector

      public ConfigPolygonFromContour detector
      Configuration for detecting polygons from their contour
    • minimumRefineEdgeIntensity

      public double minimumRefineEdgeIntensity

      The minimum allowed edge intensity for a shape after refinement. Used to remove false positives generated by noise, which is especially common when using a local threshold during binarization.

      Set to zero to disable.

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    • refineContour

      public boolean refineContour
      If true then a contour based refinement will be run to improve the polygon estimate.
    • adjustForThresholdBias

      public boolean adjustForThresholdBias
      Because of how a binary image is created the contour is biases along some sided. This algorithm will adjust the polygon computed directly from a contour to remove that bias.
    • refineGray

      @Nullable public @Nullable ConfigRefinePolygonLineToImage refineGray
      Configuration for sub-pixel refinement of line. If null then this step is skipped.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigPolygonDetector

      public ConfigPolygonDetector(int minimumSides, int maximumSides)
      Specifies the number of sides in the polygon and uses default settings for everything else
    • ConfigPolygonDetector

      public ConfigPolygonDetector(boolean clockwise, int minimumSides, int maximumSides)
    • ConfigPolygonDetector

      public ConfigPolygonDetector()
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