Class ConfigEpipolarScore3D.ModelInliers

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable
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public static class ConfigEpipolarScore3D.ModelInliers extends Object implements Configuration
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  • Field Details

    • ransacH

      public final ConfigRansac ransacH
      RANSAC for fundamental Homography
    • homography

      public final ConfigHomography homography
      Configuration for computing Homography matrix
    • minimumInliers

      public final ConfigLength minimumInliers
      The minimum number of inliers for an edge to be accepted. If relative, then relative to pairs.
    • ratio3D

      public double ratio3D
      If number of matches from fundamental divided by homography is more than this then it is considered a 3D scene
    • maxRatioScore

      public double maxRatioScore
      Caps how much influence the geometric score can have. The error ratio can sky rocket as the baseline increased but the benefit doesn't seem to increase after a point.
  • Constructor Details

    • ModelInliers

      public ModelInliers()
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