Class ConfigSelectFrames3D

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigSelectFrames3D extends Object implements Configuration
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  • Field Details

    • historyLength

      public int historyLength
      Number of recent frames it will save and consider when it needs to select a new key frame. 0=current frame only.
    • motionInlierPx

      public double motionInlierPx
      Error for what is considered significant motion. Increase to skip for frames. Units: Pixels
    • thresholdQuick

      public double thresholdQuick
      Ratio of outliers over all points. Used for quickly testing to see if there could be 3D motion. 0.0 = always true for 3D, 1.0 means 100% outliers for it to be 3D.
    • skipEvidenceRatio

      public double skipEvidenceRatio
      How much more numerous associated features need to be than tracks to be considered better. A value less than 1.0 turn off this check. 1.5 means 50% better.
    • minimumPairs

      public int minimumPairs
      Minimum number of features in an image before all hope is lost
    • scorer3D

      public final ConfigEpipolarScore3D scorer3D
      Configuration for determining if 2-views have a 3D relationship
    • minTranslation

      public final ConfigLength minTranslation
      A new keyframe can't be made until the motion is greater than this. Relative to max(width,height)
    • maxTranslation

      public final ConfigLength maxTranslation
      Force keyframe if motion is more than this pixels. Relative to max(width,height)
    • featureRadius

      public final ConfigLength featureRadius
      Radius of the region used to compute the description. Might be ignored by descriptor.
    • tracker

      public final ConfigPointTracker tracker
      Configuration for frame-to-frame image tracker
    • describe

      public final ConfigDescribeRegion describe
      Used to describe the area around a feature track
    • associate

      public final ConfigAssociate associate
      Used to associate features between two images when recovering from a bad frame
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigSelectFrames3D

      public ConfigSelectFrames3D()
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