Class PaperSize


public class PaperSize extends Object
Used to specify the size of different standard pieces of paper
  • Field Details


      public static PaperSize FIT_CONTENT
    • A0

      public static PaperSize A0
    • A1

      public static PaperSize A1
    • A2

      public static PaperSize A2
    • A3

      public static PaperSize A3
    • A4

      public static PaperSize A4
    • LETTER

      public static PaperSize LETTER
    • name

      public String name
      What the name of this document is
    • unit

      public Unit unit
      Units the size is specified in
    • width

      public double width
      Length of the document along x-axis
    • height

      public double height
      Length of the document along y-axis
  • Constructor Details

    • PaperSize

      public PaperSize(String name, double width, double height, Unit unit)
    • PaperSize

      public PaperSize(double width, double height, Unit unit)
  • Method Details

    • values

      public static List<PaperSize> values()
    • lookup

      @Nullable public static @Nullable PaperSize lookup(String word)
      Sees if the specified string matches any of the document's name.
    • convertWidth

      public double convertWidth(Unit outputUnit)
      Returns the document's width in the specified units
    • convertHeight

      public double convertHeight(Unit outputUnit)
      Returns the document's height in the specified units
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object