Class CalibrationModelPanel

All Implemented Interfaces:
JConfigLength.Listener, ActionListener, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, EventListener, Accessible, ChangeListener

public class CalibrationModelPanel
extends StandardAlgConfigPanel
implements ActionListener
Provides a graphical way to select the camera calibration model
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Serialized Form
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  • Constructor Details

    • CalibrationModelPanel

      public CalibrationModelPanel()
  • Method Details

    • setToBrown

      public void setToBrown​(boolean skew, int numRadial, boolean tangential)
    • setToUniversal

      public void setToUniversal​(boolean skew, int numRadial, boolean tangential)
    • setToKannalaBrandt

      public void setToKannalaBrandt​(boolean skew, int numSymmetric, int numAsymmetric)
    • configureCalibrator

      public void configureCalibrator​(CalibrateMonoPlanar calibrator)
    • actionPerformed

      public void actionPerformed​(ActionEvent e)
      Specified by:
      actionPerformed in interface ActionListener
      actionPerformed in class StandardAlgConfigPanel
    • updateParameters

      public void updateParameters()