Package boofcv.gui

Class StandardAlgConfigPanel

All Implemented Interfaces:
JConfigLength.Listener, ActionListener, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, EventListener, Accessible, ChangeListener
Direct Known Subclasses:
CalibrationModelPanel, CalibrationModelPanel.KannalaBrandtPanel, CalibrationTargetPanel, ControlPanelAssociateGreedy, ControlPanelAssociateNearestNeighbor, ControlPanelDdaTracker.ControlTracker, ControlPanelDescribeBrief, ControlPanelDescribeSift, ControlPanelDescribeTemplate, ControlPanelDetDescAssocBase, ControlPanelDisparityDense, ControlPanelDisparityDense.ControlsBlockMatching, ControlPanelDisparityDense.ControlsSemiGlobal, ControlPanelDisparityDisplay, ControlPanelDisparitySparse, ControlPanelDisparitySparse.ControlsBlockMatching, ControlPanelExtractor, ControlPanelFastCorner, ControlPanelFastHessian, ControlPanelGeneralCorner, ControlPanelHybridTracker.ControlTracker, ControlPanelPinhole, ControlPanelPointCloud, ControlPanelPointDetector, ControlPanelPointTrackerKlt, ControlPanelPointTrackers, ControlPanelSiftDetector, ControlPanelSiftScaleSpace, ControlPanelStereoDualTrackPnP.StereoControls, ControlPanelStereoQuadPnP.ControlPanelAssociate, ControlPanelStereoQuadPnP.ControlPanelMotion, ControlPanelSurfDescribe, ControlPanelVisOdomTrackPnP, GlobalSettingsControls, OpenWebcamDialog, ViewedImageInfoPanel

public class StandardAlgConfigPanel
extends JPanel
implements ActionListener, ChangeListener, JConfigLength.Listener
Common base class for panels used for configuring the algorithms.
See Also:
Serialized Form
  • Constructor Details

    • StandardAlgConfigPanel

      public StandardAlgConfigPanel()
  • Method Details

    • textfield

      public JFormattedTextField textfield​(double value, double min, double max, int panelWidth)
    • fillHorizontally

      public static JPanel fillHorizontally​(JPanel panel)
      Wraps the input panel inside another panel that will fill the control panel horizontally
    • addToolTip

      protected void addToolTip​(JComponent component, String toolTip)
    • configLength

      public JConfigLength configLength​(ConfigLength initial, double min, double max)
    • configLength

      public JConfigLength configLength​(ConfigLength initial, double min, double max, BoofLambdas.ProcessCall listener)
    • buttonIcon

      public JButton buttonIcon​(String name, boolean enabled)
    • button

      public JButton button​(String name, boolean enabled)
    • button

      public JButton button​(String name, boolean enabled, ActionListener listener)
    • slider

      public JSlider slider​(int min, int max, int initial, int widgetWidth)
    • combo

      public JComboBox<String> combo​(int initial, Object... items)
    • combo

      public JComboBox<String> combo​(ActionListener listener, int initial, Object... items)
    • spinner

      public JSpinner spinner​(int initial, Object[] items)
    • spinner

      public JSpinner spinner​(int initial, int minimum, int maximum, int stepSize, ChangeListener listener)
    • spinner

      public JSpinner spinner​(int initial, int minimum, int maximum, int stepSize)
    • spinner

      public JSpinner spinner​(double initial, double minimum, double maximum, double stepSize)
    • spinner

      public JSpinner spinner​(double initial, double minimum, double maximum, double stepSize, int integerDigits, int fractionDigits)
    • spinnerWrap

      public JSpinnerNumber spinnerWrap​(double initial, double minimum, double maximum, double stepSize)
    • spinnerWrap

      public JSpinnerNumber spinnerWrap​(int initial, int minimum, int maximum, int stepSize)
    • spinner

      public JSpinner spinner​(double initial, double minimum, double maximum, double stepSize, String formatString, int digits)
      Creates a spiner for double data type.
      formatString - Example of a format. "0.0E0". See DecimalFormat
    • configureSpinnerFloat

      public void configureSpinnerFloat​(JSpinner spinner, int integerDigits, int fractionDigits)
    • checkbox

      public JCheckBox checkbox​(String text, boolean value)
    • checkbox

      public JCheckBox checkbox​(String text, boolean value, @Nullable @Nullable String tooltip)
    • checkboxWrap

      public JCheckBoxValue checkboxWrap​(String text, boolean value)
    • addAlignLeft

      public void addAlignLeft​(JComponent target, String tooltip)
    • addAlignRight

      public void addAlignRight​(JComponent target, String tooltip)
    • addAlignCenter

      public void addAlignCenter​(JComponent target, String tooltip)
    • addAlignLeft

      public void addAlignLeft​(JComponent target)
    • addAlignRight

      public void addAlignRight​(JComponent target)
    • addAlignCenter

      public void addAlignCenter​(JComponent target)
    • addAlignLeft

      public static void addAlignLeft​(JComponent target, JPanel owner)
    • addAlignRight

      public static void addAlignRight​(JComponent target, JPanel owner)
    • addAlignCenter

      public static void addAlignCenter​(JComponent target, JPanel owner)
    • addCenterLabel

      public void addCenterLabel​(String text)
    • addCenterLabel

      public void addCenterLabel​(String text, JPanel owner)
    • addSeparator

      public void addSeparator​(int width)
    • addSeparator

      public void addSeparator()
    • addLabeled

      public void addLabeled​(JComponent target, String text)
    • addLabeled

      public void addLabeled​(JComponent target, String text, @Nullable @Nullable String tooltip)
    • addLabeled

      public static void addLabeled​(JComponent target, String text, @Nullable @Nullable String tooltip, JPanel owner)
    • createHorizontalPanel

      public static JPanel createHorizontalPanel​(Component... children)
    • addLabeledV

      public void addLabeledV​(JComponent target, String text)
    • addLabeledV

      public static void addLabeledV​(JComponent target, String text, JPanel owner)
    • addVerticalGlue

      public void addVerticalGlue()
    • addVerticalGlue

      public static void addVerticalGlue​(JPanel owner)
    • addHorizontalGlue

      public void addHorizontalGlue​(JPanel owner)
    • setEnabled

      protected void setEnabled​(int index, boolean enabled)
    • removeChildInsidePanel

      protected static void removeChildInsidePanel​(JComponent root, JComponent target)
      Searches inside the children of "root" for a component that's a JPanel. Then inside the JPanel it looks for the target. If the target is inside the JPanel the JPanel is removed from root.
    • removeChildAndPrevious

      protected static void removeChildAndPrevious​(JComponent root, JComponent target)
      Searches inside the children of "root" for 'target'. If found it is removed and the previous component.
    • actionPerformed

      public void actionPerformed​(ActionEvent e)
      Specified by:
      actionPerformed in interface ActionListener
    • stateChanged

      public void stateChanged​(ChangeEvent e)
      Specified by:
      stateChanged in interface ChangeListener
    • changeConfigLength

      public void changeConfigLength​(JConfigLength source, double fraction, double length)
      Specified by:
      changeConfigLength in interface JConfigLength.Listener
    • controlChanged

      public void controlChanged​(Object source)
      In almost all situations we just need to know that the state of a control has changed. No need to implement seperate listeners for all