Class ControlPanelPointCloud

All Implemented Interfaces:
JConfigLength.Listener, ActionListener, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, EventListener, Accessible, ChangeListener
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class ControlPanelPointCloud extends StandardAlgConfigPanel
Control panel for adjusting how point clouds are visualzied
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  • Field Details

    • clipDistance

      public double clipDistance
    • fog

      public boolean fog
    • periodAdjust

      public int periodAdjust
    • offsetAdjust

      public int offsetAdjust
    • speedAdjust

      public int speedAdjust
    • backgroundColor3D

      protected int backgroundColor3D
    • comboColorizer

      protected final JComboBox comboColorizer
    • bColorBackGround

      protected final JButton bColorBackGround
    • sliderPeriodColor

      protected final JSlider sliderPeriodColor
    • sliderOffsetColor

      protected final JSlider sliderOffsetColor
    • sliderSpeed3D

      protected final JSlider sliderSpeed3D
    • fieldClip

      protected JFormattedTextField fieldClip
    • checkFog

      protected JCheckBox checkFog
    • checkColorFrame

      protected JCheckBoxValue checkColorFrame
    • callbackBackground

      protected BoofLambdas.ProcessCall callbackBackground
    • callbackModified

      protected BoofLambdas.ProcessCall callbackModified
  • Constructor Details

    • ControlPanelPointCloud

      public ControlPanelPointCloud(BoofLambdas.ProcessCall callback)
    • ControlPanelPointCloud

      public ControlPanelPointCloud()
  • Method Details

    • layoutControls

      protected void layoutControls()
    • configure

      public void configure(PointCloudViewer pcv, double periodBaseline, double translateBaseline)
    • setEnabledAll

      public void setEnabledAll(boolean enabled)
    • getActiveBackgroundColor

      protected int getActiveBackgroundColor()
    • setColorButtonColor

      protected void setColorButtonColor(int color)
      Changes the saved color and updates the button's color
    • controlChanged

      public void controlChanged(Object source)
      Description copied from class: StandardAlgConfigPanel
      In almost all situations we just need to know that the state of a control has changed. No need to implement seperate listeners for all
      controlChanged in class StandardAlgConfigPanel
    • periodScale

      public double periodScale()
    • offsetScale

      public double offsetScale()
    • speedScale

      public double speedScale()