Interface MediaManager

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultMediaManager, JCodecMediaManager

public interface MediaManager
Abstract interface for accessing files, images, and videos. Intended to help handle regular applications and applets
  • Method Details

    • openFile

      @Nullable @Nullable Reader openFile(String fileName)
    • openFileNotNull

      default Reader openFileNotNull(String fileName)
    • openImage

      @Nullable @Nullable BufferedImage openImage(String fileName)
    • openImageNotNull

      default BufferedImage openImageNotNull(String fileName)
    • openVideo

      @Nullable <T extends ImageBase<T>> @Nullable SimpleImageSequence<T> openVideo(String fileName, ImageType<T> imageInfo)
    • openVideoNotNull

      default <T extends ImageBase<T>> SimpleImageSequence<T> openVideoNotNull(String fileName, ImageType<T> imageInfo)
    • openCamera

      @Nullable <T extends ImageBase<T>> @Nullable SimpleImageSequence<T> openCamera(String device, int width, int height, ImageType<T> imageType)
      Opens the specified webcam.
      device - Reference to the webcam device. null if you just want to open the default
      width - requested image width. Default resolution is any value less than 0
      height - requested image height. Default resolution is any value less than 0
      imageType - Type of input image
      The image sequence.
    • openCameraNotNull

      default <T extends ImageBase<T>> SimpleImageSequence<T> openCameraNotNull(String fileName, int width, int height, ImageType<T> imageType)