Class OpenWebcamDialog

All Implemented Interfaces:
JConfigLength.Listener, ActionListener, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, EventListener, Accessible, ChangeListener

public class OpenWebcamDialog extends StandardAlgConfigPanel
Opens a dialog and lets the user configure the camera and select which one
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  • Constructor Details

    • OpenWebcamDialog

      public OpenWebcamDialog(JDialog dialog)
  • Method Details

    • loadPreferences

      public boolean loadPreferences()
    • savePreferences

      public void savePreferences()
    • showDialog

      @Nullable public static @Nullable OpenWebcamDialog.Selection showDialog(@Nullable @Nullable Window owner)
    • actionOK

      public void actionOK()
    • actionCancel

      public void actionCancel()
    • getSelectedWidth

      public int getSelectedWidth()
    • getSelectedHeight

      public int getSelectedHeight()
    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)