Package boofcv.struct

Class RectangleRotate_F64


public class RectangleRotate_F64 extends Object

A rectangle which can be rotated. Angle of rotation is relative to +x axis, which is along the rectangle's width. +y is along its height. Point of rotation is the rectangle's center.

Conversion from rectangle to parent frame:
x' = x*cos(theta) - y*sin(theta) + cx;
y' = x*sin(theta) + y*cos(theta) + cy;
where (x,y) are points in the rectangle's frame.

  • Field Details

    • cx

      public double cx
      Center point of rectangle
    • cy

      public double cy
      Center point of rectangle
    • width

      public double width
      Width of rectangle
    • height

      public double height
      height of rectangle
    • theta

      public double theta
      Angle of rotation about rectangle's center
  • Constructor Details

    • RectangleRotate_F64

      public RectangleRotate_F64(double cx, double cy, double width, double height, double theta)
    • RectangleRotate_F64

      public RectangleRotate_F64()
  • Method Details