Class ElevateViewInfo


public class ElevateViewInfo extends Object
Information about a view when elevating it from projective to metric.
  • Field Details

    • shape

      public final ImageDimension shape
      Shape of the image.
    • cameraID

      public int cameraID
      The camera ID. Used to indicate if the same intrinsic parameters can be assumed for multiple views. The view ID will always be 0 ≤ id < len(views).
  • Constructor Details

    • ElevateViewInfo

      public ElevateViewInfo()
    • ElevateViewInfo

      public ElevateViewInfo(int width, int height, int id)
  • Method Details

    • setTo

      public void setTo(ElevateViewInfo src)
    • setTo

      public void setTo(int width, int height, int id)
    • reset

      public void reset()