Class VisualDepthParameters


public class VisualDepthParameters
extends Object

Calibration parameters for depth sensors (e.g. Kinect) which provide depth information for pixels inside an RGB image via a depth image. The depth and visual images are assumed to be already aligned. As such, both images will have the same size.

  • Field Details

    • maxDepth

      public Number maxDepth
      The maximum depth which the depth sensor can sense
    • pixelNoDepth

      public Number pixelNoDepth
      Indicates that the depth is unknown at a pixel in the depth image
    • visualParam

      public CameraPinholeBrown visualParam
      Intrinsic camera parameters for the visual sensor.
  • Constructor Details

    • VisualDepthParameters

      public VisualDepthParameters()
    • VisualDepthParameters

      public VisualDepthParameters​(VisualDepthParameters param)
  • Method Details