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Demonstration of how to capture and process a video stream in real-time using BoofCV on an Android device as a Fragment. Using Fragments as compared to the old style multi Activity projects in Android is a cleaner API and is the approach that you should use going forward. BoofCV provides ImageProcessingFragment and CameraProcessFragment. The former makes it easy to process and display the original image with visuals, while the other just provides a way to captures the video feed. The new BoofCV Android API is designed so that multiple video streams can be processed at once.

Example File: EdgeFragment

Complete Project: Android Project


  • Android
  • Image Gradient

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Example Code

 * Process a video feed, computes edges, displays a visualization of the edges.
class EdgeFragment : ImageProcessingFragment() {
    // Bindings for user interface
    private var _uiBinding: EdgeLayoutBinding? = null
    private val uiBinding get() = _uiBinding!!

    init {
        val derivX = GrayS16(0, 0)
        val derivY = GrayS16(0, 0)
        val gradientOp = FactoryDerivative.three(GrayU8::class.java, GrayS16::class.java)

        imageProcessing = object : AndroidImageProcessing {
            // These are images that Android understands and used to visualization
            // A double buffer strategy is used to allow the processing and UI threads
            // to run with minimal coupling
            var bitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(1, 1, Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888)
            var bitmapWork = Bitmap.createBitmap(1, 1, Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888)
            val bitmapTmp = DogArray_I8()

            override fun process(frame: LockImages) {
                // Compute the gradient
                gradientOp.process(frame.gray, derivX, derivY)

                // Make sure the bitmap is large enough
                bitmapWork = ConvertBitmap.checkDeclare(frame.gray, bitmapWork)

                // Visualize the gradient
                VisualizeImageData.colorizeGradient(derivX, derivY, -1, bitmapWork, bitmapTmp);

                // Visualization and image processing are two different threads.
                // To avoid reading / writing the same data structure at the same time we will
                // synchronize
                synchronized(this) {
                    // Perform a fast swap
                    val tmp = bitmapWork
                    bitmapWork = bitmap
                    bitmap = tmp

            override fun visualize(canvas: Canvas, imageToView: Matrix) {
                // Draw the visualized gradient to the canvas
                synchronized(this) {
                    canvas.drawBitmap(this.bitmap, imageToView, null)

    override fun onDestroyView() {
        _uiBinding = null

     * Need to tell it where it will render the results
    override fun getCameraFrame(): FrameLayout {
        return uiBinding.cameraFrame

    override fun onCreateView(
        inflater: LayoutInflater, container: ViewGroup?, savedInstanceState: Bundle?
    ): View {
        _uiBinding = EdgeLayoutBinding.inflate(inflater, container, false)
        return uiBinding.root

    override fun lookupCameraConfig(selectedCam: CameraID, resolution: ImageDimension) {
        // Tell it to use the first camera that it finds that's back facing. If none are found
        // then it will use a front facing camera
        val cameras = BoofAndroidUtils.getAllCameras(cameraManager)
        for (camera in cameras) {

            val characteristics = cameraManager.getCameraCharacteristics(camera.id)
            val facing = characteristics.get(CameraCharacteristics.LENS_FACING)

            if (BoofAndroidUtils.facingToString(facing) == "back") {

        // Hard code 640x480 If there isn't an exact match it will select something close
        resolution.setTo(640, 480)

        Log.i(TAG, "Selected camera $selectedCam")

    override fun customConfigure(cameraID: CameraID, builder: CaptureRequest.Builder) {
        // nothing special needs to be done so this function is empty