Tutorial QRCodes

From BoofCV
Example qrcode detection.jpg

BoofCV provides methods for decoding and creating QR Codes. QR Codes is short for Quick Response Codes and you can find more out about them on wikipedia. QR Codes are widely used in factories, consumer products, computer applications as a way to transmit text, such as a website's address or a part number, reliably using a camera.

The detector provided in BoofCV was designed to be able to process large images and yet still detect small qr codes reliably under a variety of conditions. It's of to a good start but needs more work to handle blurred images and QR codes with damaged position patterns. It has several nice features. The current code base was adopted from camera calibration code and will provide very precise estimate of the corners on a qr code. This can be used estimate the marker's 3D pose relative to the camera more accurately than with other libraries. Failures can also be accessed. It's not unusual to detect a qr code but to have there be too many read errors to correctly decode it.