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Report Bugs!

Seriously, if you find a bug please report it! Make sure you read the documentation first though. Sometimes its useful to report a but even if there isn't really one. That can be an indication that the documentation in that area needs improvement.

Source Code

Got something you think might be useful in BoofCV? Well let us know! You should post it online to make it easy to inspect and provide one or more examples. It's ok if the code is not perfect.

To actually make it into BoofCV the code will need rigorous unit tests and be programmed in a certain way to make it more efficient. The good news is that those can be done afterwards. We will do our best to your code conform and might even modify it ourselves, depending on time and need. All code which is contributed into BoofCV will need to be transferred to the standard BoofCV license, but your contribution will be acknowledged!

If for some reason your code doesn't make it in we will still advertise it if it looks like a useful feature, but is out of scope or just not ready yet.

Social Media

We are actively trying to grow the BoofCV community and need help spreading the word. YouTube videos, blog posts, articles, or papers are good ways to do this. Also participating on the message boards and answering questions is a good idea too.