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The following is a list of tech reports describing the performance and implementation details of algorithms in BoofCV. To ensure stability and performance, tests are often carried out using standard datasets and/or compared against other implementations.


For your convenience, bibtex files have been provided for each document. To cite BoofCV in general you can use the following bibtex:

author = {Abeles, Peter},
title = {BoofCV},
year = {2011-2021},
howpublished = {}

Image Feature Trackers

Type Number Website BibTex Title
Conference Bib Examination of Hybrid Image Feature Trackers
Describes and characterizes performance of hybrid point feature trackers. Example SURF-KLT.

Feature Detectors and Descriptors

Type Number Website BibTex Title
Conference Bib Speeding Up SURF
Describes BoofCV's SURF variant and compared performance. Fills in many gaps left in the original Authors paper.
arXiv Bib Pyramidal Blur Aware X-Corner Chessboard Detector
Describes the x-corner chessboard detector in BoofCv starting in 0.35