Class ConfigCompleteSift

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigCompleteSift extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for CompleteSift. NOTE: Even if the sift detector is configured to only detect a specified number of features it's possible for more than that number to be returned since a single detection can have multiple orientations, resulting in multiple features.
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    • ConfigCompleteSift

      public ConfigCompleteSift()
      Constructor with default parameters for all
    • ConfigCompleteSift

      public ConfigCompleteSift(int firstOctave, int lastOctave, int maxFeaturesPerScale)
      Constructor which provides access to a few of the more critical parameters which allow you to control the number of size of detected features. If this doesn't result in the desired results try the default constructor or manipulating other parameters directory.
      firstOctave - The first octaveo. Try -1
      lastOctave - The last octave. Try 5
      maxFeaturesPerScale - Maximum number of features it will detect per scale. ≤ 0 will mean all features
  • Method Details

    • createPaper

      public static ConfigCompleteSift createPaper()
      Creates a configuration similar to how it was originally described in the paper
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    • checkValidity

      public void checkValidity()
      Description copied from interface: Configuration
      Checks to see if the configuration is valid. If it is invalid, throw an exception explaining what is incorrect.
      Specified by:
      checkValidity in interface Configuration