Interface DetectDescribePoint<T extends ImageBase<T>,Desc extends TupleDesc<Desc>>

All Superinterfaces:
DescriptorInfo<Desc>, FeatureSets, FoundPointSO, InterestPointDetector<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
CompleteSift_DetectDescribe, DetectDescribeConvertTuple, DetectDescribeFusion, DetectDescribePointAbstract, Surf_DetectDescribe, Surf_DetectDescribe_MT, SurfPlanar_to_DetectDescribe

public interface DetectDescribePoint<T extends ImageBase<T>,Desc extends TupleDesc<Desc>> extends InterestPointDetector<T>, DescriptorInfo<Desc>
Interface for detecting and describing point features. By detecting and describing at the same time some algorithms can be significantly speed up by avoiding recomputing preprocessing steps twice.
  • Method Details

    • getDescription

      Desc getDescription(int index)

      Returns the feature descriptor at the specified index.

      WARNING: The returned data structure is recycled each time InterestPointDetector.detect(boofcv.struct.image.ImageBase) is called. Create a copy if this is a problem.

      index - Which feature
      Feature descriptor