Interface InterestPointDetector<T extends ImageBase>

All Superinterfaces:
FeatureSets, FoundPointSO
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
CompleteSift_DetectDescribe, DetectDescribeConvertTuple, DetectDescribeFusion, DetectDescribePointAbstract, FastToInterestPoint, GeneralToInterestPoint, InterestPointDetectorAbstract, InterestPointDetectorOverride, Surf_DetectDescribe, Surf_DetectDescribe_MT, SurfPlanar_to_DetectDescribe, WrapFHtoInterestPoint, WrapFLPtoInterestPoint, WrapFPtoInterestPoint, WrapSiftDetector

public interface InterestPointDetector<T extends ImageBase> extends FoundPointSO, FeatureSets
Interface for automatic interest point detection in an image. Optional support is provided for scale and orientation. Features can belong to multiple set. A feature set indicates that the features were some how detected using mutually exclusive methods. A classical example comes from blob detectors where there will naturally be two sets composed of dark and white blobs.
  • Method Details

    • detect

      void detect(T input)
      Detects interest points inside the provided image.
      input - Input features are detected inside of.
    • hasScale

      boolean hasScale()
      Does the interest point detector have scale information. This made available through the radius.
      true if it has scale information and false otherwise
    • hasOrientation

      boolean hasOrientation()
      If the interest point detector estimates the feature's orientation
      true if it estimates the orientation
    • getInputType

      ImageType<T> getInputType()
      Get the expected input image type