Class DetectLineHoughFootSubimage<D extends ImageGray<D>>

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public class DetectLineHoughFootSubimage<D extends ImageGray<D>> extends Object implements DetectEdgeLines<D>

Detects lines inside the image by breaking it up into subimages for improved precision. Inside each subimage a hough transform is independently computed. See [1] for more details.

USAGE NOTES: Blurring the image prior to processing can often improve performance. Results will not be perfect and to detect all the obvious lines in the image several false positives might be returned.

[1] Section 9.3 of E.R. Davies, "Machine Vision Theory Algorithms Practicalities," 3rd Ed. 2005

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    • DetectLineHoughFootSubimage

      public DetectLineHoughFootSubimage(int localMaxRadius, int minCounts, int minDistanceFromOrigin, float thresholdEdge, int totalHorizontalDivisions, int totalVerticalDivisions, int maxLines, Class<D> derivType)
      Specifies detection parameters. The suggested parameters should be used as a starting point and will likely need to be tuned significantly for each different scene.
      localMaxRadius - Lines in transform space must be a local max in a region with this radius. Try 5;
      minCounts - Minimum number of counts/votes inside the transformed image. Try 5.
      minDistanceFromOrigin - Lines which are this close to the origin of the transformed image are ignored. Try 5.
      thresholdEdge - Threshold for classifying pixels as edge or not. Try 30.
      maxLines - Maximum number of lines it will detect. Try 10.
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