Class HoughTransformGradient<D extends ImageGray<D>>

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public class HoughTransformGradient<D extends ImageGray<D>> extends Object

Base class for Hough transforms which use a pixel coordinate and the gradient to describe a line.

[1] Section 9.3 of E.R. Davies, "Machine Vision Theory Algorithms Practicalities," 3rd Ed. 2005

  • Constructor Details

    • HoughTransformGradient

      public HoughTransformGradient(NonMaxSuppression extractor, HoughTransformParameters parameters, Class<D> derivType)
      Specifies parameters of transform.
      extractor - Extracts local maxima from transform space. A set of candidates is provided, but can be ignored.
  • Method Details

    • transform

      public <TD extends ImageGray<TD>> void transform(TD derivX, TD derivY, GrayU8 binary)
      Computes the Hough transform using the image gradient and a binary image which flags pixels as being edges or not.
      derivX - (Input) Image derivative along x-axis.
      derivY - (Input) Image derivative along y-axis.
      binary - (Input) Non-zero pixels are considered to be line pixels.
    • extractLines

      protected void extractLines()
      Searches for local maximas and converts into lines.
    • mergeLines

      protected void mergeLines(int width, int height)
    • parameterize

      protected final void parameterize(ListIntPoint2D candidates, int x, int y, float derivX, float derivY)
      Takes the detected point along the line and its gradient and converts it into transform space.
      x - point in image.
      y - point in image.
      derivX - gradient of point.
      derivY - gradient of point.
    • addParameters

      protected final void addParameters(ListIntPoint2D candidates, int x, int y, float amount)
    • getTransform

      public GrayF32 getTransform()
      Returns the Hough transform image.
      Transform image.
    • getLinesAll

      public DogArray<LineParametric2D_F32> getLinesAll()
    • getFoundIntensity

      public float[] getFoundIntensity()
      Returns the intensity/edge count for each returned line. Useful when doing post processing pruning.
      Array containing line intensities.
    • setRefineRadius

      public void setRefineRadius(int radius)
    • getRefineRadius

      public int getRefineRadius()
    • getMergeAngle

      public double getMergeAngle()
    • setMergeAngle

      public void setMergeAngle(double mergeAngle)
    • getMergeDistance

      public double getMergeDistance()
    • setMergeDistance

      public void setMergeDistance(double mergeDistance)
    • getMaxLines

      public int getMaxLines()
    • setMaxLines

      public void setMaxLines(int maxLines)
    • getLinesMerged

      public List<LineParametric2D_F32> getLinesMerged()
      Lines after merging/pruning has occurred
    • getExtractor

      public NonMaxSuppression getExtractor()
    • getRefine

      public MeanShiftPeak<GrayF32> getRefine()
    • getParameters

      public HoughTransformParameters getParameters()