Class GeoModelEstimator1toN<Model,Point>

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Estimate1toNofEpipolar, Estimate1toNofPnP

public class GeoModelEstimator1toN<Model,Point> extends Object implements GeoModelEstimatorN<Model,Point>
Wrapper that allows GeoModelEstimator1 to be used as a GeoModelEstimatorN.
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    • process

      public boolean process(List<Point> points, DogArray<Model> estimatedModels)
      Description copied from interface: GeoModelEstimatorN
      Estimates a set of models which fit the given a set of observations. A DogArray is used to store the found models. Each time this function is invoked 'estimatedModels' is reset and new models are requested using the DogArray.pop() function.
      Specified by:
      process in interface GeoModelEstimatorN<Model,Point>
      points - Input: Set of observations. Not modified.
      estimatedModels - Output: Storage for the set of estimated models. Modified.
      true if successful
    • getMinimumPoints

      public int getMinimumPoints()
      Description copied from interface: GeoModelEstimatorN
      Minimum number of points required to estimate the model.
      Specified by:
      getMinimumPoints in interface GeoModelEstimatorN<Model,Point>
      Minimum number of points.