Interface TriangulateNViewsProjective

All Known Implementing Classes:
TriangulateThenRefineProjective, WrapNViewsTriangulateProjectiveDLT

public interface TriangulateNViewsProjective
Triangulate the location of a point from N projective views of a feature from an uncalibrated camera. Observations are in pixels.
  • Method Details

    • triangulate

      boolean triangulate(List<Point2D_F64> observations, List<DMatrixRMaj> cameraMatrices, Point4D_F64 location)
      Triangulate the points location.
      observations - (Input) Observations of the 3D point in pixel coordinates from different camera views
      cameraMatrices - (Input) Camera projection matrices. x = A*X
      location - (Output) Homogenous coordinate of 3D feature in world coordinates.
      true if successful, false otherwise.