Class ConfigPolylineSplitMerge

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigPolylineSplitMerge extends BaseConfigPolyline
Configuration for PolylineSplitMerge
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  • Field Details

    • minimumSideLength

      public int minimumSideLength
      The minimum length of a side
    • extraConsider

      public ConfigLength extraConsider
      How many corners past the max it will fit a polygon to. This enables it to recover from mistakes. Relative: Maximum number of sides.
    • cornerScorePenalty

      public double cornerScorePenalty
      Used to adjust the penalty for adding a new corner. Larger numbers will bias it towards shapes with fewer sides. For simple convex shapes 0.2 is a reasonable value. For complex concave shapes 0.025 seems to do better.
    • thresholdSideSplitScore

      public double thresholdSideSplitScore
      If the error forside is less than this it is considered a perfect fit and the side won't be split. Adjust this value to improve the speed. Try setting to zero if corners are precise enough.
    • maxNumberOfSideSamples

      public int maxNumberOfSideSamples
      maximum number of points along a side it will sample when computing a score used to limit computational cost of large contours
    • convexTest

      public double convexTest
      If the contour between two corners is longer than this multiple of the distance between the two corners then it will be rejected as not convex. larger values make the tolerance weaker and smaller values make it more strict. Setting it too small can make it reject convex shapes.
    • maxSideError

      public ConfigLength maxSideError
      Maximum allowed error along a single side in Eclidean distance in pixels. Relative to number of pixels in contour.
    • refineIterations

      public int refineIterations
      Extra refinement that it does after the initial polyline has been found. Set to a value above zero to use this feature.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigPolylineSplitMerge

      public ConfigPolylineSplitMerge()
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