Class DenoiseBayesShrink_F32

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public class DenoiseBayesShrink_F32 extends SubbandShrink<GrayF32>

Denoises images using an adaptive soft-threshold in each sub-band computed using Bayesian statistics.

Wavelet coefficients are modified using a standard soft-thresholding technique. The threshold is computing using an adaptively for each sub-band, as follows:
T = σ2X
where σ is the noise standard deviation and σX is the signal standard deviation.

S. Change, B. Yu, M. Vetterli, "Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding for Image Denoising and Compression" IEEE Tran. Image Processing, Vol 9, No. 9, Sept. 2000

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    • computeThreshold

      protected Number computeThreshold(GrayF32 subband)
      Description copied from class: SubbandShrink
      Compute the threshold for the specified subband.
      Specified by:
      computeThreshold in class SubbandShrink<GrayF32>
      subband - Subband whose threshold is being computed.
    • denoise

      public void denoise(GrayF32 transform, int numLevels)
      Description copied from interface: DenoiseWavelet
      Removes noise from the multi-level wavelet transform.
      transform - Transform of the original image.
      numLevels - NUmber of levels in the transform.