Class SubbandShrink<I extends ImageGray<I>>

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Direct Known Subclasses:
DenoiseBayesShrink_F32, DenoiseSureShrink_F32

public abstract class SubbandShrink<I extends ImageGray<I>> extends Object implements DenoiseWavelet<I>
Performs an adaptive threshold based wavelet shrinkage across each of the wavelet subbands in each layer of the transformed image.
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    • computeThreshold

      protected abstract Number computeThreshold(I subband)
      Compute the threshold for the specified subband.
      subband - Subband whose threshold is being computed.
    • performShrinkage

      protected void performShrinkage(I transform, int numLevels)
      Performs wavelet shrinking using the specified rule and by computing a threshold for each subband.
      transform - The image being transformed.
      numLevels - Number of levels in the transform.