Class SelectDisparityBasicWta<Array,Disparity extends ImageGray>

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Direct Known Subclasses:
SelectCorrelationWta_F32_U8, SelectErrorBasicWta_F32_U8, SelectErrorBasicWta_S32_U8

public abstract class SelectDisparityBasicWta<Array,Disparity extends ImageGray> extends Object implements DisparitySelect<Array,Disparity>

Selects the optimal disparity given a set of scores using a Winner Take All (WTA) strategy without any validation. In other words, it simply selects the region with the smallest error as the disparity. Tends to be significantly faster than when validation is employed but produces many more poor results.

  • Field Details

    • imageDisparity

      protected Disparity extends ImageGray imageDisparity
    • imageScore

      @Nullable protected @Nullable GrayF32 imageScore
    • disparityMin

      protected int disparityMin
    • disparityMax

      protected int disparityMax
    • disparityRange

      protected int disparityRange
    • radiusX

      protected int radiusX
    • regionWidth

      protected int regionWidth
    • imageWidth

      protected int imageWidth
    • funcSaveScore

      protected SelectDisparityWithChecksWta.SaveScore funcSaveScore
  • Constructor Details

    • SelectDisparityBasicWta

      public SelectDisparityBasicWta()
  • Method Details

    • configure

      public void configure(Disparity imageDisparity, @Nullable @Nullable GrayF32 imageScore, int disparityMin, int disparityMax, int radiusX)
      Description copied from interface: DisparitySelect
      Specifies the output and algorithmic configuration.
      Specified by:
      configure in interface DisparitySelect<Array,Disparity extends ImageGray>
      imageDisparity - Output disparity image.
      imageScore - If not null, then the score for best fit disparity will be stored here.
      disparityMin - Minimum disparity that can be computed
      disparityMax - Maximum disparity that is calculated
      radiusX - Radius of the rectangular region being matched along x-axis.
    • disparityMaxAtColumnL2R

      protected int disparityMaxAtColumnL2R(int col)
      Returns the maximum allowed disparity for a particular column in left to right direction, as limited by the image border.